Application Form


  • Job Letter & Two Consecutive Pay Slips (must be working for more than six (6) months at your current job)
  • Valid Photo Identification (e.g. Barbados identification card, passport or driver’s license)
  • Proof of Address (e.g. current utility bill or bank statement)
  • Valid Photo Identification & Proof of Address also required for Additional Cardholders
  • $50.00 Processing Fee (approved applications only)

Personal Details

If different from Current Address

If at Current Address less than two years

Employment Information

Financial Information

Additional Card Holder Information (Valid Photo Identification & Proof of Address Required)

Reference Information (Please List one Relative and one Friend NOT Living With You)

Relationship with/to card holder.

Relationship with/to card holder.

Relationship with/to card holder.

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Upload Any Supporting Documents ( eg. Scans of identification documents or business registration documents as images or pdf files. )

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Please note original documents should be provided in order to complete the process.

Explicit Consent Authorisation


I/We hereby explicitly and unambiguously consent to Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited’s collection, use, storage and transfer in electronic or other form of my/our Personal Data as defined in the Cave Shepherd Cardholder Agreement for the exclusive purpose of the issuance, administration and management of my/our Cave Shepherd Visa branded Card.


I/We hereby explicitly and unambiguously consent to receive promotional material about Cave Shepherd Visa Card related products and services.

The Authorised User/s is/are entitled at any time, by written notice to Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited, to require it, at the end of a twenty-one (21) day period, to cease processing my/our Personal Data for the purposes of receiving promotional material about Cave Shepherd Visa Card related products and services.

Summary Of Terms and Conditions

I certify that the above information is true and complete and that this information is provided for the purpose of obtaining a Cave Shepherd Card Account. I, the Authorised User, agree to the terms and conditions of the Cave Shepherd Cardholder Agreement and agree to repay all credit extended under this application. I authorize Cave Shepherd & Co. Limited (the “Company”) to investigate my credit through registered credit reference agencies and to make any other enquiries the Company may consider relevant in processing this application. I also authorize Cave Shepherd to issue an additional Cave Shepherd Card to any person named as an Additional Cardholder.

I understand that a condition of my approval of the Cave Shepherd Card Account is to enroll in the Creditor Life Insurance Program. I understand that to be eligible for insurance coverage, I must be at least 18 years of age and under age 70 and that I am further bound by the terms and conditions as stated in the documentation pertaining to the Creditor Life Insurance. I authorize Cave Shepherd to provide the Insurance Company with my Cave Shepherd Card Account Number, mailing address, statement balance and to charge my monthly premiums to my Cave Shepherd Card Account.

If so registered and accessing the CS Online and Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App Service, I agree to use the User ID provided as part of the registration process and also agree to change any temporary passwords provided during my first log in. I agree to remain solely responsible for management of my online access and to report any changes to my registered information to Cave Shepherd.