Application Form


  • Job Letter and Two (2) most recent Consecutive Pay Slips (to be provided by Guarantor if Student not employed)
  • Valid Photo Identification (Applicant and Guarantor if Applicable)
  • Valid Photo Identification & Proof of Address (Applicant and Guarantor if Applicable)
  • $15.00 Processing Fee (Approved Applications Only)

Personal Details

Employment Details (if applicable)

Student Details

Financial Information

Character Reference

Guarantor Details

Relationship with/to applicant.

Upload Any Supporting Documents ( eg. Scans of identification documents or business registration documents as images or pdf files. )

You can select multiple files for upload.

Please note original documents should be provided in order to complete the process.

Applicant Summary Of Terms and Conditions

I certify that the above information is true, correct and complete, and that this information is provided for the purpose of obtaining a Cave Shepherd Student Smart Card Account. I, the Customer, agree to the terms and conditions of the Cave Shepherd Visa Cardholder Agreement and agree to repay all credit extended under this application. I authorize Cave Shepherd to investigate my personal information provided and to make any other enquiries the Company may consider relevant in processing this application.

I understand that a condition of approval of my new Cave Shepherd Student Smart Card is to enroll in the Creditor Life Insurance Program. I understand that to be eligible for insurance coverage, I must be at least 18 years of age and that I am further bound by the terms and conditions as stated in the Insurance Certificate pertaining to the Creditor Life Insurance, provided to me upon receipt of my new Cave Shepherd Student Smart Card account. I authorize Cave Shepherd to provide the Insurance Company with my Cave Shepherd Student Smart Card account number, mailing address, statement balance and to charge my monthly premiums to my Cave Shepherd Student Smart Card account.

If so registered for the CS Online Service orthe Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App, I agree to use the User ID and temporary Password provided as part of the registration process and also agree to change the temporary password provided during my first log in. I agree to remain solely responsible for management of my digital access and to report any changes to my registered information to Cave Shepherd.