(May 10th, 2020) Locally owned Insurance Company, Co-operators General Insurance is pleased to announce its partnership with Cave Shepherd Card. This partnership is aimed at providing policyholders of Co-operators, who are Cave Shepherd Cardholders with an additional method for making insurance premium payments. From the convenience of your home, whether here in Barbados or abroad, policyholders can now pay their premiums via the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App, ensuring that their insurance is kept up to date. We understand that clients may not be too keen on leaving their homes, especially now with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, therefore this partnership with Cave Shepherd Card Mobile will provide the added convenience of digital payments that is desired at this time.

According to Business Development Officer at Cave Shepherd Card, Gail Welch, “the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App is our digital payments solution launched in 2018 that offers micro, small and medium-sized businesses the capacity to collect payments, send credit and view balances in real-time in a safe, convenient and easy to use application.  As we continue to journey through this global crisis, we anticipate business practices will shift and the trend towards digital payments will intensify.  Due to the size of our customer base, Cave Shepherd Card is pleased to be one of the leaders in the digital payments space facilitating digital transformation across the wider Barbadian community”.

In the upcoming months, Co-operators General will move on to the second phase, which is to facilitate the app to merchant (face to face) transactions. Whereby policyholders will be able to pay their premiums, using the Cave Shepherd Mobile App on their mobile device, to scan directly to our in-house system. Sabrina Howard, Business Development Officer at Co-operators, wishes to thank the Cave Shepherd Card team for partnering with the company, as we seek to offer another convenient way, to enable our policyholders to make payments.

Cardholders, you are invited to follow the instructions below: